Why Golf?

Our aim is to create an inclusive environment where women curious about golf will feel comfortable and at ease giving the game a try, even for the first time!

It’s no wonder the stigma around golf is so negative to women, the misogyny runs deep in the sport and its easy to feel insecure or uncomfortable like with any sport you are trying in front of strangers for the first time.

We’ve taken the awkwardness and pressure out and just left all the fun and positivity in for our Very Chill Tournament. No need to feel shy or discouraged by the gaze of old fogeys, or the process of registering and renting your gear here. Ardmore Golf Club is a safe space and has encouraged us to be ourselves and use this as an opportunity to learn the basics without judgement or fear. They’ve even thrown in free club rental for all those needing to rent!

Health Benefits

Whether you are walking or taking a cart, golf is a full-body workout. Each full swing exercises your arms, legs, back and abs. Mentally golf trains you to focus, calculate, take risks and can seriously do wonders for endorphin and serotonin levels, improving mood and reducing levels of stress and anxiety.

Easy to learn, impossible to master,

Let go of the rules and regulations.

Have fun! Don’t worry about what to wear or how far you hit it, just relax and enjoy the ambiance and benefits of being out on the course and in nature.

Have a drink, a smoke, a toke, whatever floats your boat. Where else can you simultaneously drive around, exercise and get loose with your friends?