New Year in The Bay


At almost 10 months Alberta is absolutely killing me with both her charm and her drive to learn as much as she can in as little time as possible. Henry is on a roll in all his favourite things; swimming, technology, the idea of one day going to space and of course, exploring nature. 

2018 has brought some serious changes unto us, as well as a strong need to be organized and the want to keep tabs on what we do throughout the year, how we grow as a family.

We will be welcoming some new product into the shop and are super eager to show off our favourite and longtime loves too. 

We wish you all the best in 2018, cheers to new beginnings and the pursuit of a chill life.


The Atmores


Henry Heading to the Gravel Pit January 2018
Alberta Atmore January 2017
Agata Atmore