Lesser known fruits

by brittni hagen

An illustrated book for all ages

Brittni Hagen Life of Lesser Known Fruits.jpg
Life of Lesser Known Fruits
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This is a project that I began conjuring up more than two years ago, out of pure fascination with the realm of rare fruit. I continued researching and discovering more and more fruit that made me feel smitten and in awe of nature. In an effort to extend this passion of mine into that of another very potent love (working with children), the idea sparked to create a kid’s book surrounding the theme of fruit.

I would not have been able to manifest what I envisioned for this book without the help of the illustrator and graphic designer, Natalie Crema and Saw-mon. I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to collaborate with these wonderful and extremely talented artists.

We wish to raise awareness of such natural wonders that nourish us humans and animals of Earth, as well as to invoke an interest in literacy in young minds. Our hope is that children and all demographics can enjoy this educational, silly, and beautiful account of some of our planet’s most unusual fruit. Thank you kindly for your support

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